What would you like to see released next week at SHOT… That won’t be!

I am going to the SHOT Show next week and I have been doing a lot of work to plan what booths I want to check out and key points that I want to cover at each and I got to thinking about what I would like to see, but that I don’t expect.


Here are my top 10….

1.) A single stack Glock 26.  I believe this would put Kahr Arms out of business and I can guarantee that my Kahr would be put up for sale to fund the purchase of one.

2.) Mid-sized Smith & Wesson M&P9.  To me the Glock 19 is the perfect size and there isn’t currently a M&P Goldilock’s gun.

3.) Ruger 10/22 already set-up for Appleseed with sling and Tech Sights.  I need to build one and this would save me time (I’ll take mine with a Mannlicher stock)

4.) Crimson Trace Lasergrips for the D-frame Colts.  It is a six shot .38!  Everything else its size is a five shot if I am carrying a j-frame sized gun, that is what I want to carry.

5.) .22lr Glock trainer (not conversion).

6.) .22lr with more than 10 rds mags.  Most of us live in free states and sometimes it takes more than 10 shots to clear a steel challenge stage.

7.) A 9mm revolver (6 shot?).  A Ruger SP101, Ruger LCR9 or even a Smith & Wesson 940.  There is a lot of wasted powder in a snub-nosed .38 or .357 , a dedicated nine could have a shorter cylinder and it would be cheaper to shoot

8.) Internal lockless Smith & Wesson’s, because nobody likes them.

9.) Benchmade Axis Lock knife with a Carbon Steal Blade, you can’t strike a ferro rod with stainless steal.

10.) A range bag with a light colored interior, everything in our sport is black and it is hard to find a black magazine in a black bag.


What would you like to see launched?




  1. says

    1. “NATO Special” H&R or Thompson single shot with two barrels, 5.56mm and 7.62mm.

    2. For my grandkids, Concealed Carry Barbie and Ken, just to make some heads explode.

  2. says

    Your number 3, the 10/22 already setup for Appleseed would be a sweet deal. I’d be happy if Ruger just offered a model of 10/22 that had better sights than the stock one, and an auto bolt release pre-installed.

    Are you aware of the several gunsmiths out there that do conversions/sell complete Liberty Training Rifles? There were at least a few on the Appleseed Forum a while back.

  3. says

    #10 is so logical, I’m surprised so few people are doing it.

    I’d like to see a 9mm carbine that costs less than a 9mm upper and is not a Kel-Tec. If Kel-Tec can do one for $300, others should be able to do much the same thing at $450 with a few ergo tweaks to improve it (a la Ruger and the LCP/P3AT).

  4. says

    “you can’t strike a ferro rod with stainless steal”

    From what I can tell the blade steel doesn’t matter much. The shape of the spine is the thing. Square-edged spines are much better at striking sparks than spines with rounded edges.

    My Benchmade Griptilian has a stainless blade with round-edged spine and doesn’t spark very well. On the other hand my Marttiini and Buck Stryder knives are stainless steel and are great for striking sparks because they have square-edged spines.

  5. says

    Hey, #9 came out just this past month. It’s called the Benchmade Adamas 275. It has a 3.8inch blade in D2 high carbon steel with a 25% beefier Axis lock. I forsee maybe a month or so more until they’re instock at most of the big knife retailers.

    I want want myself. But having a fairly new Griptilian I can’t justify.


  6. aaron says

    1) ruger SR 10mm
    2) springfield XDM 3.8 10mm
    3) beretta px4 storm in 10mm
    4) guncrafter industries .50gi necked down to .45acp bullet, call it a .440 corbon light for glocks
    5)cci raceframes for glocks 20/29 and 21/30
    6)kriss super v 10mm
    7)walther ppq 10mm
    8) HK p30 10mm
    9) factory sig sauer double stack 10mm
    10) something please in 10mm maybe??

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