The Trijicon RM06 is Here!

trijicon_rmr06Yesterday, I received a package that I have been waiting for since mid-December… a Trijicon RMR – RM06.  Obviously they are in high demand, but the reason for my wait had only a little to do with demand.

The Trijicon RMR is known for being the toughest of all of the small reflex sights (RMR means Ruggedized Minature Reflex sight) and my wait was to get the latest model that has undergone some additional ruggedization.  I’d love to tell you what they did… but they wouldn’t tell me.

What I can tell you is that I am extremely happy to have it on sight and to begin the series on 1x optics with the slide mounted RMR.  Now to decide what I’m going to put it on.

I had planned on using my carry Glock 19, but Smith & Wesson might allow me to use a CORE… Decisions, Decisions!

What would you put an RMR on?

Trijicon RMR Styles

The Trijicon RMR Series consists of 10 models made up of 3 basic style, different reticle sizes and colors.

Trijicon RMR - RM01

LED (eg RM01)

The non-adjustable LED is what most people think of when they think RMR and are currently available in 3.25 and 6.5 MOA dots (other sizes have been available in the past).  These are pretty much set it and forget it sights.

The battery in the sight is supposed to last 2 years continuously on, which means you want to change it annually. A battery that costs a $1.50 isn’t the place to skimp on a defensive optic (now that I think about I can’t think of a good place to skimp on a defensive anything!)

Trijicon RMR - RM04

Dual Illuminated (eg RM04)

The dual illuminated models use a fiber optic tube and a tritium lamp for illumination.

For the prepper this seems like the way to go because there are no electronics to break and the tritium has a 12.3yr half life (after 12.3 years it will be half as bright as it is today).  I would like to offer a counter point… Lithium batteries have a 10-15 year shelf life… lets average them and call it 12.3.  During that whole time you will have a fully functioning red dot that hasn’t lost any of its brightness.

One nice thing about dual illuminated models though is the ability to get a green reticle!

Trijicon RMR - RM06

Adjustable LED (eg RM06)

The adjustable models like my RM06 are more complicated, have more potential for breakage or for the dot to be turned down when its being carried and should be the biggest test for the platform.  But they also have the ability to be turned down to reduce “bloom” and allow for a more precise shot.

I am looking forward to documenting the process of mounting, zeroing, testing for loss of zero, speed, accuracy at distance, reliability, the learning curve to using it, advantages as a training tool, and carrying, concealing and competing with a slide mounted optic.

Is there anything specific that you would like to learn about living with or shooting a pistol with an RMR? Let me know by leaving a comment below and I’ll do my best to included it as I move through this product.

Sample Specifications

RM06 RM01 RM04
MSRP $675 $625 $550
Magnification 1x 1x 1x
Length (In) 1.8 in 1.8 in 1.8 in
Width (In) 1.1 in 1.1 in 1.1 in
Height (In) 1.0 in 1.0 in 1.0 in
Weight (oz) 1.2 oz w/Battery 1.2 oz w/ Battery 1.2 oz
Illumination Source LED LED Fiber Optics & Tritium
Reticle Pattern 3.25 MOA Dot 3.25 MOA Dot 7.0 MOA Dot
Reticle Color Red Red Amber
Adjustment MOA 1 1 1
Housing Material Forged Aluminum Forged Aluminum Forged Aluminum




  1. Leupy says

    from what you wrote now I want one but in your chart I see no difference from the Rm01 and the Rm06 why would I pay the extra 50$??

  2. Paul says

    The sight are definetly tough but why so much money they cost more than most pistols. Unless you rich


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