Tec Shield Elite Review


I’ve been using Tec Shield Elite for practice and matches lately and wanted to give a couple quick thoughts on the product. I received a sample two-weeks ago and after stripping the previous lube from my Glock 34, I applied the product to the slide rails and went to shooting.

I ran the gun for about 800 rounds over four range sessions and found the action to work as well as when I use other lubes during each range session. The application of the product is as such: Spray on, wipe dry. That’s pretty much it. My routine with most lubes is to wet a small patch to clean the rails of my gun and wipe off excess and this was no different. Good stuff.

The paperwork does say not to soak parts because of the water they use as a carrier for the lube. I’m not too concerned with rust on my Glock, but on other weapons or applications, make sure that you don’t soak your parts in it or leave the product on without wiping dry. There is a process that Tec Shield calls “plating”, where friction and heat causes the dry lube soaks into the pores of the metal. I’m familiar with this concept and do like to heat-n-treat my slide regardless of what product I’m using. Lube just generally goes on better on a warm gun.

After a couple of shooting sessions, I did find that the rails looked drier than I’m comfortable with and there was some build up, so I started adding a little Slipstream to the rails. It just makes me feel better to have some oil in there as the oil made the action less gritty, than without. I felt that I had to clean the rails more often than I’m used to so the additional Slipstream helped go longer between cleaning.

I use Gunzilla in my normal barrel cleaning process and I tried Tec Shield to scrub the barrel and while it did a nice job, it took longer and my preference is still for Gunzilla as my bore cleaner. I shoot moly coated bullets and needed something more like Gunzilla to clean the barrel which was also less messy.

Where this product really shined for me is when I use it on the ram and turret of my reloading press as it’s a really good cleaner and lubricant. I’m able to wipe the mess from the parts and keep the thing going and going. I had been using Gunzilla on the ram and dirt would build up and I had to clean more. With Tec Shield, it doesn’t gum up like Gunzilla did.

According to the FAQ, Tec-Shield Elite is odorless, environmental safe.

Overall, I think Tec Shield Elite is a fine product and works like it’s supposed to. Out of preference, it won’t replace my normal process, but it might work for you.


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