Thoughts on the Taurus 85 View

Taurus 85 View

I mentioned the Taurus 85 View last week but my fears about the gun are sticking in my head and I feel they need to be shared.

But let me start by saying… “I have never handled this firearm. I have never shot this firearm. You need to make up your own mind about this firearm.”

Ok.  Now everyone that wants to call me biased has a quote they can use as proof.

The Taurus 85 View is a terrible idea.

Point #1 – This gun weighs 9oz.

For fun I just weighed lunch on a shipping scale and 2 pieces of Papa John’s pizza weighs more than this gun. Sure that is great for carrying it… but we don’t carry guns to carry them, we carry them to shoot them.

As a comparison the Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight weighs 15oz or roughly the weight of a baked potato and they saw fit to give it the name “Airweight.” In fact my Colt Detective Special (that my wife refuses to shoot because of the recoil) weighs 21oz, about the same as 4 banana’s or more than 2 Taurus 85 View’s..

Physics tells us that this gun will be a handful… but at least it has a good grip.

Point #2 – This gun has almost no grip.

The Taurus 85 View is being marketed as a mini-revolver. Unlike other mini-revolvers like those from North American Arms though, this one is in a full-sized, center-fire caliber; it will have full-sized, center-fire recoil too. To make it “mini” then they shortened the grip to the point I double you will be able to completely get 2 fingers on the gun and the rounded contour might make the 2nd one useless. They also made the grip as slim as it could conceivably be, insuring that all the recoil is directed to the smallest area of the hand possible.

But at least it is a full power cartridge.

Point #3 – The barrel is too short.

Revolver rounds seem to benefit from barrel length more than auto loading rounds for some reason. With the 1″ barrel I expect this gun to be capable of about a 103 power factor with common defensive hollow points and push them at about 825 ft/sec. (Admittedly this is better than the LCP, which is .4 oz heavier but carries 2 extra rounds).

So with the caliber increasing power, light weight increasing felt recoil, the grip making practice unlikely, and the barrel reducing sight radius you would think it was being marketed as an experts gun with some sort acknowledgement about hand strength right? Not that I have seen, but it is sold in Pink!

These aren’t the reasons this gun scares me though.

The scariest things about the Taurus 85 View

I think the clear Lexan panels on the sides of the gun showing the internal moving parts are a uniquely bad idea.

For the CCW instructor that may be a good thing. As a whole guys love to know how stuff works, women generally don’t care, but either way it is near completely unimportant in learning how to shoot. But what about on the range?

You load the gun to let someone fire it (or laugh at them and help them develop a nasty flinch). They say “Oh look its clear!” Turn the gun to watch the parts move and BANG! They shoot the gun in the stall next to them. Everyone that see this gun is going to be compelled to turn the gun sideways and pull the trigger to watch the parts move.

The other concern is that this pistol could become an inertial bullet puller for heavier bullets like the Smith & Wesson 340. If you need your gun in a self-defense situation and don’t get a great grip I can envision it locking up and become and light weight club.

Again… I haven’t shot it yet and I am anxiously awaiting reports to confirm or disprove these concerns, but they are something to consider if you are looking to buy this gun.

I’d be willing to bet more than a few are sold used with a box containing 45 38 special rounds.

What do you think of this gun? Are my fears unwarranted? Are you going to buy one? Would you recommend it to anyone? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Thomas TJ Gauthier says

    Honestly, I believe it would be much better as an even more scaled down 32 acp. I know there are already 32 revolver rounds, but it seems like there would still be the same recoil problem. Shorten the cylinder and add a sixth .32 acp and they may be on to something.

  2. Panzercat says

    Meh, people suffer with overly short pistols all the time and I would argue that the mechanical window into its working aren’t a failure of the pistol, but the moron wielding it. The part I fall down with is just imagining that pretty window getting scratched and abused to the point where it’s more of an eyesore than common usage wear.

  3. says

    I carried a 642 and a Ruger LCR. I now use a S&W 640 in .357 Mag. The extra weight is a good thing. It is still a light and compact gun and I can manage Double Tap defense loads without too much discomfort. Still, the size and weight of this gun has some appeal as a back up ankle gun. I’ve watched enough videos of guys (and girls) shooting this thing to determine it is not as horrible as you might think. However, Taurus quality is another thing. If this were made by Smith or Ruger I’d have less misgivings.

  4. jbeech says

    Have one. Fired it. Yes, it hurts afterward but in the heat of the moment I don’t think this will be a concern. As for me, for personal defense at 20′, or less, this 11.6 oz weapon (loaded with five Hornady 90-grain) is just what’s needed as a last resort. Moreover, it beats the heck out of a 25oz weapon sitting in drawer at home because it’s too unwieldy to carry all the time. Best of all, with a wallet-size print in a pocket holster it’s inconspicuous. Just saying.

  5. says

    I finally got it in Sept 2014. Then as soon as I got mine for only $425 from Buds they stopped production. No more to be had now. However in the shot show 2015 they mentioned it might come back out with a metal side plate instead of clear. (Cheaper because the internal parts will not have to be polished for appearance. We will see. I am glad I have mine. Neat LITTLE revolver.

  6. says

    Totally agree, but at least he told us he basically knows nothing about them up front. One had to read a little farther to realize he knows nothing about concealed carry either. Oh well, my fault for continuing to read past the second sentence, I guess…


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