Our CCW gear survey initial results

So far there have been 101 responses to the WTBGU! EDC Survey and we wanted to share the early results.

CCW Infographic

Just in these 4 charts there are a number of things I found interesting…

  • My carry choices the Glock 19 and the S&W M&P Shield are both listed
  • My default pistol recommendations (in order of size Ruger LCP, S&W J-Frame, S&W M&P Shield, Glock 19, S&W M&P 9) are all listed
  • Most of us prefer 9mm
  • 50% of us compete
  • People that carry .40 appear to do it because they compete with it (not everyone that competes with .40 carrys .40 the chart is a little misleading
  • I’d like to know where did Sig come from? (I blame John McGregor!)

If you aren’t in this sample go take the survey, it is 10 questions and it shouldn’t take a full minute. The results are interesting, but they will also help us better target our gear reviews to you!

Is there anything you found surprising?

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