Sometimes it is good to have a Sticky Holster!

Sticky Holster M4 with Glock 19

Prior to the SHOT Show I got an e-mail from Mike from Sticky Holsters asking if I would like to try one of his IWB holsters.

I was aware of his holsters and had long considered them to be among the top choices for pocket carry (they aren’t as “pillowy” as the Desantis Nemesis which has similar construction), but since I knew the appendix carry project was coming I said “Sure… you pick Glock 19 or Smith & Wesson Shield.

According to I should have been looking for a LG-2 Model for the Glock or a MD-2 Model for the Shield… but I received an MD-4. Thinking there was an error I contacted Mike and he said… “No there is no mistake… that holster will fit both.”

Now it is a little long for the Shield so it has a little  extra size for the Shield and it doesn’t cover the rear sights on the Glock (both guns have very sharp sights), but it did allow me to test the holster with both single and double stack holsters.

Sticky Holster Design

The Sticky holsters are made from a Codura-type nylon (I don’t know if it is actually Codura or not), with a nylon binding and what appears to be a closed cell foam exterior. Sticky Holsters calls it a “skin” which may be a better description than “Sticky” because they aren’t actually tacky to the touch

Using the Sticky Holster

The construction of the holster uses the pressure from your clothing waistband to secure both the holster and the gun. They don’t come with clips or loops to secure it in place, as the outer skin adheres to your waistband, undergarments and/or your skin… with pressure.

That pressure is important because since there isn’t a positive retention of the holster, you can draw the holster if there isn’t enough pressure on the holster. With just a little pressure however, that outer material combined with the closed-cell foam and the inner liner keep your pistol and the holster securely in place.

I was able to draw successfully from athletic shorts and pajama bottoms with a snugged draw string, snug jeans without a belt, with a poor belt and of course with my instructors belt. In the pocket, it works like any other pocket holster.

The major challenge this holster has is that it is sort of a you have to see it to believe it sort of thing.

To help you out I made a short video that shows me making 6 draws from the appendix carry position… 3 with the Glock 19 and 3 with the M&P Shield. This was shot in 1 take and it is what it is.

If you are a safety nazi, I will warn you that I don’t remove the holster from my waistband to reholster, I would not have done that with a loaded gun and I point the gun at the camera, but you will see good trigger discipline and draws at a reactionary pace, the shot timer is set for 1.5 sec par times.

To make up for having to see my belly and glimpses of my penguin boxers I have also shared the video from the Sticky Holsters website. There are parts that are more fun to watch (for the guys)… but my video doesn’t have superhero poses, slow draws, and I never muzzle myself! So I’m calling it a win.

I suggest you at least watch my video, because I know you are going to watch the other one anyway.

The major advantages of this holster as I see them are…

1) It may fit multiple carry guns.
2) It gives you a real option when can’t wear a belt.
3) It is easy on/off.
4) It can be used to protect the trigger in a pocket or off body.
5) It is only $24.95.

In all seriousness this wouldn’t be my first choice for a CCW holster, but for the quick trip in gym shorts, for pocket or off-body carry or when a belt holster isn’t possible this is a neat little product.

Would you consider carrying your carry gun in holster like the Sticky? Let know why or why not in the comments below.




  1. LeeBautista says

    i already use a similar off-body (non-stick) holster, but mine doesn’t lend to carry very well. having tried the sticky once, i do like this holster a lot.

  2. Jupiter33458 says

    I don’t know… I’m not too sure how it would feel to carry one of these in the middle of the South Florida summers. I’ll wait and see.

  3. Dennis finnan says

    I use the sticky holsters for three of my carry guns. glock 26; sig sauer p938; and glock 42. In every situation it stays where it is on my waist, and feels so comfortable i almost don’t know it is there. It never slips and easy draw is always correct. The key to using them is you must somehow snug it up to your body either by a belt or draw string. Use it properly and it is the greatest holster ever.

  4. says

    Semper Fi ! to any fellow Marines out there ……carrying for 25 yrs and only having a left arm I have tried many left hand and ambidextrous holsters I have always found it hard to find the right holster , having recently purchasing a Taurus Public Defender Revolver 2″ barrel 2 1/2 ” cylinder blue steel and a laserlyte (Crimson trace N/A ) I went nuts trying to find a holster that would work as this is my # 1 concealed weapon as of late . This LG 4 is the ticket and has made me a happy carrier ! The best holster ever…..perks…lifetime warranty , perty ,cheap !!!!! Very well made and for me 2nd to none ! Some of y’all are probably thinking Y a laser with a 2 ” barrel lol …….I’m 70 and just a wee bit rusty RES USMC ret.


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