Do you know how to set your length of pull for your AR?


One of the biggest advantages of the collapsible stock is the ability to adjust the length of pull to the shooter, but can add some complexity and confusion.

The collapsible stock allows the same gun to be used with or without body armor, by shooters with different techniques (like the Chris Costa’s isosceles and Larry Vickers’ weaver stance) and by shooters of different size.

The key to knowing you have the proper length of pull, for your gear, stance, size is that when you mount the your nose is between 0-1″ from the charging handle.


A quick way to set your length of pull, without armor, for the weaver stance used by Kyle Lamb, Larry Vickers, Kyle Defoor, Benny Cooley, Daniel Horner and every other 3-gun competitor I can think of is to simply grab the pistol grip and lengthen the stock until it hits your bicep.

That’s it!


As you can see my Magpul CTR stock can fit me and my 7 yo son, although he isn’t quite strong enough to shoulder it yet.

Next Wednesday’s AR post will be focusing on the support and grip techniques.  Take a minute and leave a comment on which method you prefer and why… I might even quote you in next weeks posts!


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    Out of habit I always fully extend my stock — my platoon all did that so that if we had to pick up someone else’s rifle, it’d already be the length we’re used to and we wouldn’t have to screw with it under fire. Only time it was ever collapsed was for shooting out from inside my gun truck.

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    I use a Magpul fixed carbine stock W/ an MOE extended butt pad of .80″. It equals out to a bit less than 2 clicks in from the furthest position of a 5 position stock. As a rather shorter guy 5′ 7″ 145lbs this is an all around great LOP for me and my AR.

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