Why Scenarios are so Important in our Training

Parking Garage’s are among the most dangerous places people go… My favorite scenario deals with them in an unexpected way.

Scenarios are great training tools because our minds don’t understand the differences between visualization and reality. Good scenarios can help you prepare for a variety of situations and train yourself to find solutions quickly.

There are a few caveats however on what makes a good scenario…

  1. A good scenario for training should expose the student to an opportunity to us the skill being taught. This allows the students to get the repetitions needed to ingrain the skill. In this context a scenario is a tool to reinforce the lesson (like in a dojo).
  2. In competition, the courses of fire are just designed to test specific skills under pressure. The scenarios are just a “Memory Palace” to help the shooter remember the course of fire.
  3. Scenarios should have multiple “solutions.” They should be just vague enough to allow the reader/viewer to fill in some gaps in their mind, but constrained enough to force thought. If everyone exposed to it comes to the same solution, it doesn’t drive the thought or debate it need to and it is not constructed well.

My favorite scenario is the “Parking Garage” scenario. It strikes many chords important to concealed weapon carriers and none of the options are “good.”

I believe scenarios are one of the best tools we have to develop the quick thinking needed in a self-defense event. They help us identify the gaps in our preparedness and they remind us why we prepare…

The most likely armed interactions we will have are with police officers and it is important for the armed citizen to know that police officers are under stress as well and to have skills that can de-escalate the situation.

It is also important to look at incidents from your own life to see if there is anything your could have done differently  Below are 2 incidents that happened in local parking lots.

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