Tips for painting an AR rifle

Finished AR closeup

There are plenty of reasons you might want to paint an AR-15.  Like camouflage from enemy soldiers or prey animals, to refurbish rifle that is really banged up and protect it from future abuse, or to show people at the range that you are higher speed and lower drag then they are.  I did be cause […]

Why do you concealed carry?


Everyone that carries concealed (or open carries for that matter) chooses to do so for different reasons and everyone needs to decide for themselves what those reasons are. At the beginning of most concealed carry classes the instructor will ask “Why are you here?” and the responses will likely included… “I don’t want to be […]

Attacked by two dogs while walking my dog

dog attack walking dog

Walking a dog can be great exercise for you and your dog, but it can also make it difficult to effect your own personal defense. In the past we have reviewed some of the potential concerns through a scenario titled “A lovely walk with the dog at dusk” where we described a situation where you […]

Manual Safety vs No Safety

manual thumb safety

There is a small debate in the comments of another post about the manual safety and I thought I would open it up to a broader debate. I believe that a shooters feelings about a manual safety come down to 1 of 2 fears… #1 – A fear that the gun will go off when […]

Thoughts on the Taurus 85 View


I mentioned the Taurus 85 View last week but my fears about the gun are sticking in my head and I feel they need to be shared. But let me start by saying… “I have never handled this firearm. I have never shot this firearm. You need to make up your own mind about this […]

300 Blackout + 223/5.56 Gun = Catastrophic Failure


Yesterday on the When the Balloon Goes Up! Facebook page… which just happens to have the perfect image for our current weather… I mentioned Smith & Wesson’s announcement of a M&P15 in 300 Whisper. I am a big fan of the concept of the 300 as an intermediate round and the idea of an AK, […]