Why I Don’t Shoot on Sunday

Yup. That's my ammo can.

Sunday’s are reserved for chores, NASCAR, movies, and being with family. But I find that I need to shoot on Sunday’s as well. Why? Due to local ordinance around here in the South, we aren’t allowed to have shots fired until 12:31 pm or 1:01 pm depending upon what county you’re in; which means … […]

Body Champ 5-Station Power Tower – Review

Sturdy, Easy to Build, Good Price

As requested: A quick review of the Dip/Pull Up station that I recently purchased from Academy Sports and Outdoors. Easy Build Sturdy Good Pricing Fits in my Smaller Upstairs Room I’m 5′ 10″ 150 lbs and the unit is stable when doing the pull ups, chin ups, dips and leg raises. Judging from a website […]

How closely related are muzzle energy and recoil?


I wanted to make the argument that the 20ga is a good option over the 12ga because of the relatively small muzzle energy difference when compared to the recoil difference, but I ended up with a chart that was significantly more far reaching than I had expected. But before I list out all of the […]

Are you standing your ground if you just can’t run?


After reading Lee’s post today it looks like today is out of shape day at When the Balloon Goes Up! but that wasn’t really the intention of this post. On the plus side we are both doing something about it I added this sticker to the back of the Jeep yesterday If you aren’t familiar […]

Do Not Pass Go. Go Directly to Jail.

Oof. Hope to be able to do a bunch of pull ups.

I’ve been wanting to work on pull ups for a while now, so I bought a pull up/chin up/dip/ab station for the home gym. After some cursing, fitting and tightening (much like assembling IKEA furniture) I was pretty confident in this simple build. I tested it out for stability. I did a chip up and […]

Range Diary


Worked on 10-12 yard skills last week. 10 yd Bill Drills to Head Box 12 yd Wide Transitions and Reloads About four hundred rounds over about three range sessions. My last couple matches have had crap points, so the focus of late has been accuracy oriented and shooting my sights instead of just going fast […]