Look for these 2 new targets from MGM Targets in our future tests

mgm_featuredI really like training on steel.

Sure you can’t measure your groups or accurately score whether or not the round broke the perforation on a target, but you can make a  satisfying clang, instantly see the impact (if you keep them painted) and you don’t have to tape your target.

We have a number of great topics and series planned in the next few weeks and months, wanted a target that would allow for visual and auditory confirmation of impact on video, so at SHOT I reached out to Mike Gibson, the MG of MGM Targets, for some help.

Mike responded by sending me 2 awesome targets!

The 1st is a Full Size IPSC Target and the second is a Steel Challenge – 18″ X 24″ Rectangular Target Set and both are made from 3/8″ thick AR500 steel and will easily take rifle shots!

mgm_edgeThe first thing I noticed as I attempted to haul the boxes into the office was the sheer weight of the targets.  It also appears that UPS noticed because the weight of the boxes was written all over them and one of them had obviously been dropped, broken and taped back to together.  I hope it missed the guys foot that dropped it.

When I opened the boxes I was surprised to see the build quality.  Many cheaper steel targets look like they were chewed out of the steel by beavers. (They are cut with a plasma cutter and finished by hand.)

These targets have a very clean edge on all sides and the face of the steel is super smooth. While that may seem like it is just an aesthetics thing, it is actually very important.  1st to your hands as you are moving them around, but more importantly to for your safety.

The MAIN reason bullet fragments hit people is because the surface of the target is damaged. If the target face is smooth, bullets hit it and splatter like an egg thrown against a wall. If it is dimpled or cratered, bullets hit it and ricochet out of the craters in any direction.


MGM also mitigates the chances of future damage by maintaining the tightest acceptable tolerance measurements  in the industry on its steel and  using mechanical fasteners to permit the steel face to be turned “if” it begins to cup.

“MGM strongly discourages shooting ANY steel closer than 15 yards. Period. Shooters AND spectators (especially children) should always wear ear AND eye protection”

However that is mainly for splatter protection. Generally speaking, MGM targets will easily handle hits from any traditional defense caliber handgun without significant marking.


These targets should be good for handgun rounds at any distance, but shooting them inside of 15 yards increases the risk of bounce back (that isn’t the targets fault) and MGM suggests they can be shot with rifle ammunition up to 2800fps and 175gr. (.308 ish), non steel core, non bi-metal, non multi core bullets, at distances of 150 yards or more and shotgun SLUGS! aren’t recommended inside of 50yds.

We will undoubted push these targets to their limits and let you know if we can break them!

MGM provided these targets to WTBGU! for testing and to be used in our gun and gear tests. When we use them you will know because they will be listed in the “Sponsors” section at the bottom of the test or review.

I have personally purchased multiple MGM Targets in the past and I feel confident enough in their quality to add a MGM Target ad in the side bar.  BalloonGoesUp.com does not stock them because… well they are heavy and you can get a better deal by buying from MGM Directly.  When you do, let them know you read about them here!



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