Is there any such thing as the perfect gun?


I may think about guns and gear more than anyone I know. I also try to be very pragmatic as I don’t really think of myself as a collector. If a gun or a piece of gear isn’t used for something, I don’t really have any use for it and would just assume sell it.

With holsters I have found what I believe to be the “perfect options”

  • The MTAC is perfect in my opinion for a hybrid IWB holster. Still I have found 1 guy that can break the clips… I think he wears it at 2:45.
  • The Blade Tech Nano is great for appendix carry. With the Appendix holster being a close second if you have belt loop issues.

For mag pouches for competition there are a lot of great choices (I use Comp-tac) but for concealed carry Magholders are hard to touch (so long as you buy the wrong one and wear it upside down)

For sights I like a plain flat rear and a fiber optic (or tritium if you must front) and could quite happily use Sevigny style sights from Warren Tactical on every pistol and be content.

But for guns… none of them seem quite right.

  • The Glock 19 might be the closest for me… but the reset is a little long, the stock sights suck, and the mags fall out a little slowly.
  • The S&W M&P is the wrong size, the trigger is mush, the grip shape makes me grab it too low.
  • The Shield has a safety and I’d prefer it to be a polymer 3913.
  • The old 3913 is a great size but it has a safety and it moves the wrong way.
  • The XD’s have a bunch of “safety theater” stuff that is more marketing and function that I can’t look past.
  • Kel-tec has some decent ideas… but Ruger hasn’t gotten around to making those yet.
  • No one makes the 9mm revolver I want any more
  • There is no reason that J-frame size revolvers aren’t 6 shot yet
  • The 10-22 might be the closest rifle if you’re right-handed… still I spent another grand on my for a new stock, barrel, trigger, buffer and optic.
  • I know of few AR’s that are un-modified.
  • The 16″ Remington 700 in 308 was close, but I’d like detachable mag and then there is the whole recall thing
  • The Ruger Gunsite scout didn’t use a common mag.
  • The Mossberg MVP is a great concept… but I’d want it in 308.
  • There is no short, 12 or 20 ga semi auto that looks like a field gun… I don’t want to look like “Tactical Tommy”
  • Furthermore 3 gun has figured out how to make a shotgun easy to load and operate… Why isn’t that the standard now?


This isn’t really a post or an article… It’s more a rant.

Is there a gun that is perfect for you? One that you wouldn’t change anything on? (I’ll allow adding optics/changing sights)


  1. says

    I COMPLETELY AGREE with the 6 shot revolver thing. If they made them, I’d own a real revolver by now.

    The MVP is in .308 now, and it takes Pmags, no less. I think I will be getting one as my first modern bolt-gun. I still love my Enfield, though.

    • Beaumont says

      The MVPs in 5.56 & .308 are on my “buy soonest” list. And as for 6-shot J-frames, Taurus managed to come up with one, so there is no real reason Smith can’t offer one. Finally, if smith made the 642 in 9mm, I’d buy at least two, regardless whether they were 6-shot or 5-shot.

  2. says

    Ruger SR9 would PROBABLY be my “more perfect” choice. It fits my hand perfectly, but -for me – it’s extremely top heavy, so I’d probably exchange the adjustable backstrap for a lead one. Three dot sights make my eyes wig out, so I’d have to get rid pf a couple dots. Oh, and wait, I’ve never fired one. D’oh!

  3. ArrDave says

    If the PPQ had a 5″ grip and a 14-15 round capacity, I think it’d dethrone the 19 as “near perfect”.

  4. nksmfamjp says

    I think you nailed it and missed the boat at the same time. I consider the Glock 19 and Warren sights winners. . . .The MTAC is great, maybe best too.

    I think you missed on gun only because if you shoot it well, the Dan Wesson ECO and CCO would give you 45 ACP power. Still, I cannot say my choice is better that yours. . . .just choices. I just like the 1911 because it carries thinner. . .the slide is .9 wide.

    XD “safety theater” Not sure what you are saying. Frankly, I find the XD to be the best of the striker fired pistols because of the grip safety(c/m to holstering ND’s), but not best because of the slide width. XDS or Mod2 might be just the ticket. XD’s are the real deal!

  5. Gulo says

    General intermediate cartridge gun:
    Bulgarian AK-74: rifle is fine, magazines are cheap and available, ammo is cheap and relatively available, mag carry options can be very cheap if you know what a 2 quart canteen pouch is really for…
    Zastava M90NP/M85: rifle/pistol is fine, AR mags, 223, adjustable gas system, nuff said
    Battle Rifle:
    Zastava M77 pap: rifle is fine, magazines need to be cheaper in higher capacities ($45 for a good reliable 20 round mag WTF?), 308, adjustable gas system, cheap price
    PTR 91: rifle is fine, mags cheapest in class, 308, moderately priced
    FAL: rifle is fine, mags moderately priced, 308, adjustable gas system, a little pricier than the other two

    There’s two types of pistols:
    a battle pistol for open carry, combat, home defense, hunting and shtf
    And an everyday carry pistol for conceal carry and as a backup
    That said, while there’s many pistols that fit the bill for some people and there’s crossover between the two categories for some pistols, none cover all the criteria perfectly, best in class maybe but even the best fall short for some people (due mostly to lack of training probably) but also that a pistol is a compromise solution to the question at hand:
    What is good enough for the tasks I need this tool to accomplish while still not being a full size rifle or pdw size pistol?
    Furthermore, comfort levels of the individual dictate details of choice in pistols, something you don’t really see in rifles. Point in case: external safety, it’s a non-issue in rifles as just about all rifles have a safety (mmm.. mosin-nagant goodness) but in pistols it causes common fights all across the internet
    Really we would all love to daily carry our rifles (and if you’re lucky enough to, I envy you) but for most it ain’t feasible, maybe a change of culture is needed?

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