Improvise, Adapt and Overcome

Improvise, Adapt and Overcome… is an unofficial motto of the Marine Corps and a staple of the preparedness mindset.  Occasionally I get little reminders of this in my daily life and got one of those today.

Mrs. WTBGU needed a prescription filled today and the pharmacy said that it would be about 15 mins.  Now I had a little problem…

The pharmacy is 10mins from the house so I could

  1. go home, touch my front door and come back to get it
  2. pick it up on a later trip and risk forgetting (I am REALLY good at that)
    -or -
  3. I could go to the Starbucks next door, kill 15 minutes and thumb my nose at the Brady’s boycott. (WINNER!)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a leash with me as I wasn’t planning for Bailey to get out of the Jeep (She minds pretty well anyway)  I could have left her in the Jeep and enjoyed my Coffee while she wondered where I was.  I could have enjoyed my coffee in the Jeep listening to  a TED talk (more on that later). Or I could whip up a quick leash and let her enjoy some sunshine with me.

Since I keep a number of kits in the Jeep and a knife in my pocket, I broke into my bag containing lashing straps, rope, fuses, flares, etc… cut a short length of rope and grabbed the carabiner off the side and tied up a leash while my Venti Non-fat, No Whip, Caramel Mocha was being made.  (Yes, it is a girly drink, but it tastes good!)

This isn’t a big thing, but it is a reminder that “When the Balloon Goes Up!”, even if it is a tiny party balloon, shaped like a flower, the only things you have to work with are the things you have with you.  Whether it is medicine, band aids, tweezers, jumper cables, water, fire, shelter, flash light, knife, handgun, rifle, or a dog leash.. do you keep what you need close by?


  1. aczarnowski says


    My wife thought I was crazy for all the stuff I keep in the jeep until she had to bring our new screen door back from the DIY place. She found the red flag, all the ratchet straps and was a happy woman.

    If I could ever get my brain to remember knots I’d add more rope and a few biners.

    • says

      My “red flag” is a red handkerchief that I keep in the glove box. It also gets used as a “hat” to keep from getting burnt and a rag to wipe of the windshield when the inside gets too dirty (you know what I mean), dry things off when it rains with no top, or wet down to cool off the center console so it doesn’t burn my arm.

      It is a handy little piece of cloth.

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