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After yesterday’s post I was convinced to shoot the classifier in ESP and I decided that if I was going to shoot in ESP, I should shoot an ESP gun.  Between last night and this morning I made the modification I had been delaying…  I created a Sevigny Speedway.

The speedway is created by filling in the dead space behind the mag well with a filler, much like you do if you planned on reducing the grip, and then carving out a shoot for the magazine to follow.

The 1st step of the process is to disassemble the gun and score all the areas you intend to add filler to give it something to grip to.  In a few areas inside the mag where I hadn’t scored it, it was so smooth that I was able to pop stray bits of the compound off the frame without sanding.

Next you need to create dams to limit where the filler can go.  I did this by filling the trigger housing area with some of my daughters Play-doh , masking off the outside of the grip and using a scrape of card stock to dam off the mag well.

I then mixed the bedding compound I had chosen, per the instructions and filled the void.

Note: If you chose to do this, be sure that you get out all of the air bubbles so that you have a smooth ramp.  I was very surprised how much air got trapped and had to be released.

After I gave it 12 hours to cure I used a rounded file and my Benchmade Griptiallian to sculpt the basic shape of the ramp and finished its shaping with sandpaper.  If I would have had a drum sander of the right size it would have made the process go faster.

As I have some time to shoot the gun I will let you know if filling the void has any impacts on felt recoil and if I notice any difference with my reloads.


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