fxhummel1: “All Guns Should Be Glocks”

“All Guns should be Glocks and All Glocks should be 9mm and Model 19!”

I almost never repost content, but it is going to happen twice this week, because this was just too good not to post.

Still I almost didn’t post it because it mentions that whack-a-doodle… James Yeager!

It is no secret that I am a fan of the Glock Model 19 and that I only like Glocks in 9mm. I have also said repeatedly that I would switch to an M&P in  heart beat if they made an mid-sized version. His sentiments towards an attachment to a gun are captured in the sites most popular post of all time, The  four reasons I carry a Glock. And he does a great job of briefly describing the ideas of awareness, avoidance and violence of action that any CCW’er should have.

I just REALLY wish it wasn’t inspired by such a kook!


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