Zack Carlson from Lone Wolf Distributors, Gun Guy Radio, This Week In Guns and Fat 2 Fit HQ

Zack Carlson

Zack! The show notes are the other way!

Zack Carlson is the Director of Marketing at Lone Wolf Dist., co-host of Gun Guy Radio and Fat 2 Fit HQ, and a frequent contributor of The Week in Guns.

He started in the firearms industry as a small internet retailer (We like those ;) ) and joined Lone Wolf based in connections he made working with Lone Wolf. Now as Director of Marketing Zack is the main voice of the company.

In this episode Zack tells me a little about his experience at the NRA show and their 800 square foot mobile showroom. Then we talk about the current mag shortage, the typical Timber Wolf customer, recommendations for 3 modifications to your Glock and all of the Firearms Radio Network podcasts he co-hosts.

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  1. Gordon Milbach says

    I am a new FFL recipient and currently do not have a brick and mortar sales establishment. I have not found any distributors willing to supply a home based business. Do you have any contacts in the business that could be helpful?

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