Scott Folk from Apex Tactical


Scott Folk joined Apex from a machining and gunsmithing background he gained from his families EDM & Waterjet business and a  five years with “Gods own Gunsmith” Bruce Gray of Grayguns, Inc. serving as an Apprentice, a Gunsmith and Shop Foreman.

In his years with Grayguns, Scott also taught Practical Pistol shooting side by side with Bruce at multiple Grayguns Training courses across the United States and joined the Volunteer Search and Rescue Team and Volunteer Reserve Patrol Deputy with the Wheeler County Sheriff’s Office.

In this episode Scott takes some time to share why Apex Tactical focuses mainly on Smith and Wesson’s, how they chose what niches to step into, the process of identifying the characteristics of a new trigger, how their flagship products actually work, the history of the new armorers block and lays to rest the question of whether or not Smith & Wesson has ever considered buying ATS…

Yeah, it’s a dense 20 minutes!

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