Double Alpha SHOTMAXX Shot Timer Review

Double Alpha SHOTMAXX Shot Timer

Double Alpha SHOTMAXX Shot Timer

I got the Double Alpha DAA SHOTMAXX Shot Timer Watch a couple months ago and finally got to use it this week. I had been using the CED7000 for a few years and it has been trouble free. I’d just hook the lanyard of the CED to my second mag pouch to keep it accessible yet out of the way. Hadn’t been a problem and I still like it as a shot timer.

With the SHOTMAXX, it’s worn on your wrist as a watch keeping it off your belt or pockets but still readily accessible. The mic is sensitive enough to pick up airsoft, but I have not tried this feature.

Another new (and frickin’ awesome) feature that I haven’t used yet, is the SPY/Accelerometer Mode. Let’s say that you’re taking a group shooting course from Mike Seeklander or Ben Stoeger and all the shooters are on the firing line ready to shoot. You’ve got the SPY/Accelerometer feature activated and ready.

At the start signal from the instructor, the device detects the motion from your wrist and starts recording your shots fired. Wait. What? It can record only your shots because it also uses the accelerometer to record the recoil of your pistol in addition to the sound signature of the shot!

It has the mostly used features of a good timer like PAR times, start delays, and a decent display to scroll through your splits. It’s built well and uses a microUSB cable to charge.

The only thing that it doesn’t have is memory recall for more than one string. It currently remember’s the current string of fire of 100 shots. With it’s bluetooth connectivity, however, there may be an app that could store your strings. So far, there isn’t any word on Android/iOS app development.

Oh, what’s it like as a watch? Well, it’s a watch with date and time. Makes for easy checking in and out of my range’s clipboard log. Good stuff.


  1. Matt says

    I have one and I do practice with and AirSoft gun the accelerometer is amazing. I was never able to get good split times until I go this timer.

  2. Bob Marks says

    The screen on this watch is made from the cheapest plastic possible. It scratches VERY easy. Not worth buying until they upgrade the screen.


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