The ASP from Concealment Solutions

Concealment Solutions ASPThe inclusion of the Concealment Solutions ASP (Appendix Specific Platform) in our Appendix carry project might be a surprise to some since it wasn’t included in the Appendix Holster Round-up, but it was requested by a reader and Jason was happy to have his products compared with the “big boys.”

The ASP uses the same hybrid holster design as his other models with either a horse or cowhide leather backer, molded kydex body and adjustable height belt-clips.

Leather Backer

Concealment Solutions ASP

Unlike the Comp-tac M-TAC, the ASP uses a single thickness of leather, it is offered in 3 different sizes to match the gun and it is offered in ether horse or cowhide.  My sample is the middle size in cowhide.

Although the Concealment Solution’s leather is single sided, it is finished on both sides and isn’t rough. Some people have found that this allows the holster to slide, but I haven’t found that.  Additionally on an appendix holster that is going to be worn next to your belly, that smooth finish is a big bonus.

The ASP leather is all hand cut (many of the other models are laser cut), they are hand trimmed and hand burnished. Overall the fit and finish of this sample’s leather sits between that of the M-TAC and the Crossbreed Supertuck.

The shape of the leather offers 3 advantages…

1)      The “L” shape acts as a combat cut and makes getting a grip easier

2)      The height of the holster is sized to allow about .5” above the back of the slide to protect your stomach from the slide and the sights (which are really sharp on the M&P Shield)

3)      The flat bottom reduces the opportunities for hot spots.

Concealment Solutions ASP

Kydex Body

The Concealment Solutions kydex body is riveted to the leather backer with 7 rivets and therefore is not adjustable, but the initial retention is set pretty well. It uses a slight impression in the trigger guard, but it also uses the ejection port (which can gull the kydex over time).

One of the things that struck me 1st was the stiffness of the kydex which is only .06” but feels much thicker. This extra rigidity comes from an abbreviated sight channel that doesn’t extend the full length of the slide.

When kydex is flat or has a fold that passes all the way through its width it can flex along that length.  Because the ASP’s sight channel only extends about 80% of the way and has a curve back to the slide the effective thickness is much greater.

Jason bends a flare at the top of the holster body to make reholstering easier.  This is not something I have noticed on any other kydex holster.


Adjustable Belt Clips

Ok so the 1.5” clips themselves, aren’t adjustable, but they CAN be mounted in any 3 holes allowing the holster to ride at 3 different heights.  They should however always stay in the lowest position because any higher and they interfere with your ability to grip the pistol.

The clips are ~0.75” wide standard spring clips found on many holsters and are completely free of any identifiable markings.  They are secured to the leather backing with tee-nuts that have teeth that dig into the leather.  While I am not a fan of this method, it is a standard for this kind of holster.

Concealability & Comfort

With a name like Concealment Solutions it should be obvious that their goal is to produce a concealable holster.  And the choice to have the clips on either side of the gun as opposed to on top of the kydex body does reduce its printing in an untucked shirt.

The holster is also very comfortable (if you keep the clips in the lowest hole) because it doesn’t press into your leg and the leather backer protects you stomach from the rear sight and help keep it from getting into your ribs.


I suspect with years of use the leather backer would stretch enough that there would be some retention issues when the gun is holstered but not being worn, although the retention from the ejection port might be enough to keep that from happening.

The kydex molding and finish work is great and it provides really easy reholstering.

The holster is “adjustable” although I only recommend carrying it in the lowest attachment point, it ships in the middle one.

If you are looking for a riveted hybrid holster of this design, I think this is better made than the better known brand and like that its clips are plain.

Personally I would like to get a woman’s perspective on using this holster for a straight drop 3 o’clock carry holster.  I think its small footprint might be very good for someone with a slender frame.  If you have an M&P Shield, a slender frame, and would like to try it out and write 500-600 words about it, let me know.

For everyone else, if you have used or have any questions about the Concealment Solutions ASP or any other Concealment Solutions products, leave a comment below and let me know. I’d be happy to answer your questions and I’m sure other readers would be excited to read about your experiences.






  1. New Chris says

    I’ve been using a CS ASP for about 6 months with a Kahr PM9.

    I own several CS holsters and belts and have found them to be durable and of a consistently high quality. They are utilitarian in nature, but I don’t think a concealment holster needs to be a show piece. They are well made an the price point is excellent.

    As to the ASP, I wanted to try appendix carry, but wanted to also be able to wear the holster at 3:30. The ASP is suitable in both positions.

    Once adjusted properly, the holster is holds the firearm firmly in place with no wiggle.

    The leather backing does an excellent job of protecting my stomach from the sharp edges of the gun. I have worn this holster directly against my skin all day with no discomfort.

    The one weak point of the design is the spring clips. Specifically, when one bends at the waist, say to tie a shoe or pet a dog, the clips can slip off my belt (a CS Model hybrid belt). This requires a quick discrete adjustment to snap the holster back onto the belt. I have adjusted the clips to their lowest position, and still found this to be a problem. Most of the time it’s not an issue, but I need to be aware of it and monitor it throughout the day.

    As to appendix carry in general, I am impressed by how quickly I can draw form this position. It’s very concealable, even give a little extra stomach bulge. Re-holstering should be done in a slow deliberate way, as the gun is pointed directly at the femoral artery. For this reason, I avoid using this type of carry for my Glocks YMMV. The long trigger pull of the PM9 makes me comfortable enough to carry it in the appendix position, but I am still very careful when re-holstering.

    I’d rate this product a 4/5 stars (why not stars?)

    It holds the gun well, it’s comfortable and very concealable. If there were a way to prevent it from snapping off the belt when one bends over, it would be perfect.

    • ronlarimer says

      First this is an awesome comment and it would even make a great post! Let me know if you every want to do a guest post.

      I had the same issues with the belt clip, but I always have that issue with that style so I didn’t call it out. I did however mention it to Jason when I was clearing a few things up yesterday and lets say there is a rumor that Jason may have worked up a design similar to the barb on the Blade-tech holsters which works pretty well.

      • New Chris says

        I’d be very interested in the new belt clip. I’ve only spoken with Jason, over the phone and through email, as a customer, but I’ve found him to be a gentleman of quality and professionalism.

        As to guest posting… It’s odd that anyone would be interested in anything I have to say about anything. I’m not an expert of any sorts, and am the antithesis of high speed low drag.

        That being said, if there is a product that I’ve become familiar enough with to have an opinion on, I’d be happy to humbly add my small voice in support of it. With the only caveat being that I will always offer a fair and honest opinion from my own, admittedly limited, perspective.

        • ronlarimer says

          The readers of WTBGU! are generally not military (or even police) and want to hear from people that understand their point of view. Hopefully that is why they like reading our content.

          Furthermore, the site has never been about offering “expert” opinion, but rather offering an opportunity for learning for both us and the reader. Rarely does anyone call me to the carpet on this site, but I get involved frequently in forums trying to learn from those that disagree with me.

          As for the fair and honest opinion, those are the house rules in the “Featured Article” post in the “Contact Us” menu at the top of the page. Everyone that submits product has to agree to let us provide “A an honest product review enumerating the product attributes (both positive and negative)”

          So it looks like we are on the same page!

  2. MIke S. says

    I had the same problem with the clips until I switched belts. I am now using an Ares Gear Ranger belt & the clips stay on solidly.


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