Comp-tac MTAC Holster


Comp-tac MTAC Holster – $90


The MTAC is a Staff Pick because it is the ultimate deep concealment holster on the market today.

Like other “hybrid” holsters, the MTAC combines cowhide leather backing with a Kydex half-shell mounted on the leather. The leather backing provides the desired comfort achieved by leather holsters. The Kydex half-shell provides the reliable, consistent draw and re-holstering capabilities that make Kydex holsters so popular.

However, unlike other hybrid holsters the MTAC has adjustable tension allowing you to maintain your desired level as the leather stretches. It has unobtrusive belt-clips that won’t damage your belt or imply any religious affiliation. The MTAC is built from 2 layers of leather providing the maximum level of comfort, and the back layer is relieved for the slide minimizing its thickness, and the pieces are sewn together providing the look and feel of a fine crafted holster.



  • Hybrid / Tuckable Design
  • Finished Edges / Stitching
  • Covered Hardware
  • Adjustable Retention
  • Adjustable Cant
  • Adjustable Ride Depth
  • Slim Design
  • Combat Cut all Full Firing Grip


What Customers Say…

I’ve been using an MTAC regularly for a couple of years… we have two of them. Aside from the terrific quality, the adjustability in the positioning of the the belt-clips and the tension of the hybrid, Kydex hoster, along with the body-side leather covering over the hardware so it doesn’t contact your skin… are some of it’s best features… – Dann Sternsher

What more can be said? Its perfect – Robert Borzillo


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