Comp-tac International Holster

comp tac intl

I’ve been using the Comp-tac International Holster for the past couple of months for dry-fire and USPSA matches. The International is Comp-tac’s answer to drop-offset holsters for USPSA/IPSC competition and is a worthy entry into their line of accessories.

You can use this for USPSA Production and Limited. For IDPA, women are allowed to use a drop-offeset holster; men, you’ll have to just attach the holster to the belt clip/paddle and not use the drop-offset attachment at all.

Having used the regular paddle holster for IDPA, I really needed a drop-offset for USPSA and I received this as a gift coming into the 2013 USPSA season. It made a noticeable difference in draw times compared to the paddle holster since the gun is now located lower from my belt-line and further away from my body.

And while I like the paddle feature for ease of removal, with my DAA belt, it didn’t have as tight a fit as the belt option. Switching between paddle and belt required only three screws. I now have a dedicated USPSA rig consisting of a DAA belt and International Holster. I still swap the same mag carriers when shooting IDPA vs USPSA.

For my Glock 34, the retention of the holster was super tight coming from the factory even with the retention screws completely removed. Quick, easy fix though. I placed my firearm in the holster, added a 3×5 index card as a shim around the slide, and re-assembled the holster with the retention screws. I then used a hair dryer to heat up the Kydex to about warm, but not too hot to touch.

Within minutes, it formed around the gun and it was able to adjust the retention screws tighter to hold the gun in place without the super-tight fit that it had originally.

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