Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra for Appendix Carry

The Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra with the M&P ShieldAfter you get past the concern of pointing a holstered pistol at your femoral artery (and other parts in the way) and accept the level of trigger discipline you need to have to carry Appendix Inside the Waistband… you will be confronted with the fact that it can be really uncomfortable.

As we have discussed before people tend to bend forward at the waist and guns tend to not bend.

This means that the holster can press into your leg and create a hotspot when you sit. If you have a bit of a gut it can encroach on the slide and you can be poked. And if you happen to be pretty thin, the gun can get up under your ribs and poke you as well.

To make matters worse, if you don’t like you are stuck with a $90 holster that you can’t wear… Doh!

The 1st holster we are taking a close look at for our appendix carry project addresses all of these issues.

The Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra

It shouldn’t be surprising anyone that reads the blog that I am a fan of Comp-Tac holsters.

They were the 1st holster company that we stocked, I have reviewed and written about the MTAC holster many times, I use Comp-Tac mag pouches in IDPA, and I consider Comp-Tac Pro Shooter and Sales Manager Randi Rogers a friend, but what might not be as well-known is that I have owned and I don’t like the Comp-Tac appendix carry holster. (That is why it isn’t in the store.)

So when we decided to do an appendix carry review I had planned to leave Comp-Tac out of the project completely, until my sales rep suggested that I look at the new Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra as an appendix holster.


The Infidel Ultra is in the same holster family as my favorite MTAC holster.

It uses a leather backer with the same upper and lower profile as the MTAC so your pistols slide is completely separated from your body.  No more getting poked by the sights!

It uses the sweat guard comes up high enough and is flexible enough that it acts like a ramp and keeps it from getting up under your ribs.  No more getting poked in the ribs!

And it has the same channel in the double layer leather backer to allow to holster to stretch and reduce the overall thickness of the holster.

This is not a purpose designed AIWB holster, and it is modular, so it is designed to accommodate much longer slides than you would likely chose for appendix carry, but this means that the wide leather backer is there to distribute the pressure the gun puts on you when you sit… greatly reducing the pain caused by hot spots and limiting the guns ability to lean away from your body.


While people have used the MTAC for appendix carry for years, the wide body is a bit too big. Comp-Tac has removed the “wings” that protrude out to support adjustable belt clips and have instead added a fixed belt clip to the holster body.

This clip is not adjustable for cant but it is set at the same angle that all MTAC holsters are shipped with. It is wide enough that it keeps the holster from rotating on the belt and it sits a little higher than a “standard” adjusted MTAC providing for a good grip, while keeping the muzzle off your leg.

My only issue with this design is that since the clip is on the centerline of the holster, it adds to the overall thickness of the rig.  This is of less importance when it is being worn as a hip holster, but it causes a larger bulge when being used for appendix carry.


This holster is a modified MTAC and its lineage is obvious.  It has the same height, uses the same holster body attachment points, the holster body is only modified to allow for the clip and much of the stitching patterns are the same.

On the MTAC you can cut off the excess leather on the bottom if you don’t need it for your gun, but on the Infidel Ultra the stitching pattern required for the MTAC’s belt clip is lower than it need to be and limited how much of the holster that can be trimmed.

I also prefer a completely straight drop which is impossible with its fixed cant.


The Infidel Ultra does a great job of addressing the common comfort issues with appendix carry and is a viable option if your body type isn’t conducive for carry with a standard AIWB holster. For many people new to appendix carry though its biggest plus might be that it isn’t an appendix holster and can transition seamlessly to a traditional hip carry should you decide that better fits your needs.




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