Come on guys. Build us something we want! – #SHOTShow 2014

If I am a homer to any firearms manufacturers they are Glock, Smith & Wesson and Ruger… but come on guys, build us something we want! 

Glock of course makes my favorite pistol the G19. It is one of 2 guns that I think every gun owner should own and it has been the most commonly carried gun in EVERY CCW survey I have ever run. The 3rd gen 9mm Glock is to me the apex of Glock perfection.

Smith & Wesson is the one manufacturer that has embraced When the Balloon Goes Up! I have tested the M&P and the Shield (Actually kept and started carrying the Shield) and I would switch to the M&P in a heartbeat if they would only make it in a 15 rd variety.

Ruger makes the other gun that I think everyone should own… the 10/22, the 3rd CCW that I recommend for people that insist on pocket carrying… the LCP and the only revolver in the Top 20 responses for carry guns in my most recent survey.

Obviously I am a fan of these 3 companies but I am not too excited about the pre-SHOT Show press releases.

Glock has announced a small single stack .380 instead of the M&P Shield competition single stack 9mm that everyone has been asking for… for years.

Smith & Wesson won’t make the G19 slaying M&P that I know they can, instead responding “We make the M&P9c and you can use the pinky extender.” If I’m going to do that I want the extra rounds and by the results of my survey… so does almost everyone else. They instead sent out a press release today that announced 5 new revolvers.

2 of the new revolvers are competition guns… What? Why? It seems to me that the competition revolver classes are… um… less than full.

The other 3 guns are an existing 2+ pound 7 shot .357 snubbie, which has been reworked by the performance center and 2 3.5 pound guns chambered in 44 Magnum and 460 Magnum… one of which is 14 inches long.

The new hand gun culture is a self-defense culture and the new self-defense culture is a semi-auto culture.

Ruger at least announced that the 50th anniversary 10/22 was going to be a gun that looks built for learning to shoot… which is the guns strength… and they came up with the concept by asking their customers.  Good going!

Still the other gun they announced is another GP100 variant.

Come on guys. Build us something we want!

Glock we want a single stack 9mm… Then a 22LR trainer…. Oh and Magazines!

Smith & Wesson we want a mid-sized M&P. If you have to make a revolver… Remake the 940.

Ruger we want that 50th anniversary 10/22. We want a scout rifle in .223. The SR22 should be holster compatible with the SR9 and for the record a carry revolver with an exposed hammer is bad ju-ju.

Kel-tec the .223 RDB is a great idea… like the Ruger Scout in .223 but we really want you to make the guns you have already announced… and we want them to work.

SIG great job with the 320 concept. I hope it is under 1.2” wide.

Taurus SMH. We want inexpensive guns that are reliable for CCW (and a few people want those miniature shotgun revolvers) I am not sure what to think of the 85 view. I don’t think we need to see the internal workings of the gun… I am predicting within 3 months of the release someone gets shot as a shooter holds the gun sideways and touches off a round wanting to see the parts move. I also think it is a warranty service stroke of genius. If you don’t want to fire a 2nd shot very few will get shot enough to cause a claim.

Colt please ignore what I said to Smith & Wesson… I really want a new Detective Special.

1911 manufacturers… many of us want 1911 design guns that don’t have the button thingy on the grip that prevents it from firing (grip safety). If you want to sell a bunch of them give them Novak style sight cuts with a fiber optic front and plan rear blade sight, serrations front and back, checkering front and back and a small mag well. Personally I would like to see Rock Island make it in 45, 9mm and .22TCM

If you could tell a manufacture exactly what you want from them… what would it be?


  1. blehtastic says

    I’d like to see standardized AR10 parts and parts kits made by someone classier than DPMS but not as Rolls Royce-y as Fulton Armory

    Ideally Daniel Defense, Rock River Arms, Bravo Company, someone of that quality level.

  2. Miguel Gonzalez says

    He who does not have (and shoot regularly) a revolver, is more likely wearing flannel and drinking hot cocoa. Nothing teaches trigger control better than shooting a revolver…and you can pretty much stop worrying about long trigger pulls on semis after you have shot some 500 rounds in a wheelie gun.

    Guns I want? Savage Axis with a threaded 18.5 inch barrel and a magazine of 10 rounds in .308 and even .223. Bigger magazines also accepted.. A inexpensive alternative to the Ruger Scout Rifle

  3. Beaumont says

    Remington has announced the R51, which looks to be a great idea well-executed. I will buy one, but what I’d really like is a double-stack version that takes G19 mags.

    In rifles, what I’d like is the 5.56mm BLR that Browning was talking to Michael Bane about. Built to feed from AR mags, in the takedown version, it would be a great low-profile bugout-bag rifle less likely to set off the “ZOMGhesgotamachinegun!” hysteria of the uninitiated.

  4. Yoder says

    The problem with this years SHOT show offerings is the companies can’t keep their current catalog items in stock. If you can’t do that, it makes no sense to go out and expand the catalog.

    I do agree that Glock’s latest sounds like a great gun. It’s just three years too late. Most people who bought the pocket 380 have since migrated to the single stack 9mm or 40.

  5. Scottie says

    More factory 18″ ARs with mid and rifle length gas systems!

    And similar to kel tec why is it so hard to find a ppk in America?

  6. Beaumont says

    And another thing: Ruger, build Mini-14s feeding from AR mags, get them in the shops at an MSRP of $499 or less, and you will market to a whole new segment of customers — as well as sell guns to more than a few AR owners too.

  7. SNSjason says

    I’d like to see Beretta stop focusing on big government sales and actually make something for the civilian competition market, (eg a new elite) let’s start with a 92 frame, decock only, make a really nice short reset trigger like the SIG srt’s, add a half an inch to the barrel, rail underneath, come with an adjustable rear from the factory and fiber front (maybe dawson precision), stainless guiderod and the new style spring buffer, sell it in two tone or inox for $1500

  8. concerned1 says

    I want a ruger scout rifle in 30-06, so it can match my current rifles and ammo. I also want a single stack glock that I can use in uspsa single stack class.

  9. concerned1 says

    Oh, I also want a S&W CORE, or somthing similar, set up with compensator and longer magazines to meet uspsa open rules, right out of the box.

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