Can you conceal a pistol with an RMR?

One of the biggest questions I wanted to answer with the start of the Ultimate Personal Protection Pistol Project (maybe I should change “Ultimate” to “Perfect”) was can you conceal a pistol with an RMR?

I was afraid that 1) finding a holster for the modified gun would be difficult and 2) that the extra bulk on the slide would print… It didn’t take long to get my answers.

Finding a Holster for pistol with an RMR

Glock 19 with an RMR in a Comp-tac  Glock 19 with an RMR in a White Dog Holster  Glock 19 with an RMR in a MTAC Holster

When the Glock arrived from ATEi one of the first things I did was try it in each of my existing holsters.

The first holster I tried was the belt holster from Comp-tac Victory Gear. It has a speed cut down to the base of the ejection port so there was little chance that it would interfere.

Next I tried the custom Pure Bred from White Dog Holsters. It is cut so that holster covers the entire ejection port and an extension that goes much higher. It still provided plenty of clearance.

The holster that gave me the most concern was the MTAC. The kydex body actually extends above the ejection port; which keeps it above the level of your pants when worn IWB.  Surprisingly however it even stops just short of the RMR’s glass.

This doesn’t mean however that EVERY holster would fit.

Modifying a holster for appendix carry

After the Appendix Carry Project I decided that the best fits for me were the Blade-Tech Nano and the Appendix Holster.

If your not familiar with the project, I preferred the stability & adjustability of the Nano, but liked the easy on and off of the Appendix Holster.  As an additional improvement Blade-Tech now has a 1.5″ belt clip that greatly improves its stability on most belts.

Trijicon RMR HolsterTrijicon RMR Holster

Glock 19 with an RMR in a Appendix Carry Holster

Due to the mounting location of one of the two straps on the Nano couldn’t be modified for the gun, but the Appendix Holster could so I use it.

The 1st step was to to identify the area of the holster that needed to be removed. I did this by lining up the slide of two Glocks and marking the horizontal cut.  Then a vertical cut following the shoulder on the holster

Next I used a hacksaw to remove the excess material.  This left a very rough edge that was easily smoothed out with a little sanding.

I also used a grinding wheel to quickly shape the hard edges.

The only issue with this process was the cut left an edge that would catch in the new aggressive slide serrations as the holstered squeezed it for retention. This made holstering difficult but was fixed by easing of the edges of the holster and creating a “ramp” to allow the holster slide along the gun.

When the modifications were done the holster fits and functions extremely well, however I still had some concern about the positioning of the RMR when worn.

Carrying a pistol with an RMR

Finding a holster was far less of an issue than I thought it would be and certainly didn’t require a custom holster maker, but it still left me with the question of could you conceal it.

I was shocked to find it made no difference.

In 3 out of 4 cases the holster was wider than the pistol, with the optic; and even the Comp-tac belt holster had a sight channel that is nearly as wide.

Even more surprising was that since the sight is mounted behind the leading edge of the grip, it actually sat neatly above the belt.  It certainly isn’t any more obtrusive than the belt clip.

Carrying an RMR in a MTAC Holster   Carrying an RMR in an Appendix Holster

Did this result surprise you or was it about what you expected? Also let me know if you would be interested in seeing the video of the optics first shots at the range, or if I should discussing the learning curve, sight picture or advantages and disadvantages over a laser.  Leave a comment below.


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    • HSR47 says

      In my experience, properly configured suppressor-height night sights help locate the dot VERY effectively.

      It doesn’t take that long (maybe an hour or two maximum) to get used to picking up the front sight with your peripheral vision and aligning it with the rear sight as you bring the pistol to bear. Once you do this, the dot is right there.

      In practice, this sight-acquisition method is quick, easy, and applies to all pistols.

  1. disqus_I31kKVTIm4 says

    I just got done leaving a comment on the crimson vs RMR article about how great the RMR mod is for the glock or any mid-large frame semi-auto, but this setup was not meant for carry as most gunfights happen a mere 8 feet from each other. I see zero reasons to carry a RMR handgun. I use it at the range only sometimes at great distances, but my choice for carry sights on another handgun is XS bigdot. I have the suppressor sights on my glock 17 to co-witness my Trijicon 6.5 adjustable but I cannot agree this setup is good for carry. More stuff, especially more stuff meant to help a shooter shoot farther more accurately on a handgun, does little to help most shooters acquire a close target quicker than just having good irons and/or a laser.

    • says

      Keep reading through the site. There are posts on the big dot, tritium, white lights, laser movement and cover and based on your comments they will all interest you.

  2. Craig says

    I had to Dremel alittle off my MTAC to get my G19/RMR to fit but it might be because it was an older generation.

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