Apex Tactical’s armorer’s block

Apex Tactical's Armorer's BlockPrior to the Shooting in Newtown, CT; Shooting Shooting Gallery and the Holiday’s I received an e-mail suggesting that I check out the new armorer’s block from Apex Tactical. It’s about time I offered my thoughts.

What is an armorer’s block?

An armorer’s block is a tool that serves as a second set of hands to help with difficult tasks. Since the Apex Tactical armorer’s block is designed to work with all Glock’s and M&P’s it is able to help in the process of…

  • Removing Pins
  • Positioning the M&P trigger and trigger bar during installation and removal
  • Installing the M&P striker springs
  • Holding the gun stable during stippling

Back of Apex Tactical's Armorer's BlockAs a Glock shooter that has removed my pins literally hundreds of times, I was originally skeptical about value of the block because my pins can be removed with virtually anything handy at this point.  However after playing with it, I realized how much easier using this block was than balancing my frame on a roll of masking tape.

That said, while this  armorer’s block will accept any Glock, will make pin removal easier and it will provide a steady platform stippling, it is really designed with the Smith &  Wesson M&P shooter in mind.

It’s fully adjustable bosses and holes will allow it to receive the Full Size, Compact (including the 45c) and M&P Shield’s… in all configurations including the thumb safety models.

It is non-marring so it won’t hurt your frame or your parts when you are using it to hold them for those really tricky processes.  (Have you ever felt like you needed a 3rd hand? That is what this is for.)


  1. Greg says

    I can see the advantage of the armorer’s block. It would be nice to have to work on my M&P 9, 40 and 45, all of which need the Apex trigger kit.

  2. Evan Easton says

    I just ordered a DCEAK kit and a RAM for my M&P9. I’ve done similar work on my guns but don’t plan enough regular work on the same model to warrant an armorer’s block. If I were to be gifted one I’d be sure to share it among members of my local shooting community whenever they find themselves doig a one-off job on tgeir glick or m&p…perhaps a travelling armorer’s block, use it and pay it forward.

  3. Chris says

    I just got an S&W SD9 VE. It appears to be a wonderful firearm with an unfortunately heavy gritty trigger. Right after getting it I ordered the Apex trigger kit for it. The kit shipped just about the time you uploaded your post. I would use the block to facilitate instillation of the Apex kit.

  4. says

    If I ever meet one of you Texas waddies who hasn’t detail stripped a Glock with a roll of masking tape and a baby pin, I’ll buy him a beer and a Daniel Webster cigar.

    Having said that, I don’t see much reason to spend my money on it for Glocks, since I don’t stipple. It might be worth it for other guns. I don’t know.

  5. Mark says

    I have a Glock 23, M&P 9, 9c, 40, Shield 40, and Shield 9. This block would come in very handy for a rookie like me who has done no gunsmith work and plans to add Apex kits to all of my M&P’s.

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