A great design idea from STI… the STI Apeiro

The STI Apeiro is a 2011 designed uses the unique Island barrel design on a Schuemann barrel.  It also features a steel frame with a full length dust cover that makes it illegal for IDPA, black polymer grips, a stainless steel magwell, STI’s own adjustable rear sight and a Dawson fiber optic front sight.  While it is not new, availability has been limited so it is not frequently seen and has a very cool barrel!

I am admittedly not a 1911/2011 guy, I like them I shoot them but I don’t have the sort of reverence towards them that many shooters do, but I do like many of the features on this particular gun.

The 1st and most obvious it the Schuemann Island barrel.  Schuemann makes one of the highest quality 1911 barrels on the market, so it should be very accurate, but I particularly like the concept of having the front sight fitted to the barrel.  Because the barrel does not reciprocate, it should make it easier to track the front sight during recoil and improve follow-up splits.

The 2nd feature I like, is actually a function of the barrel design, and it is the lightening of the slide due to the island cut out.  The lighter slide will increase the cycle rate, and can reduce perceived recoil and muzzle flip (if you tune the springs and ammunition to match).

I have not had an opportunity to shoot a pistol with this barrel design, but with the apparent benefits I would love to.  Have you shot a pistol with an Island barrel?  What were your thoughts on the design?

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