Adding a splash of color to my gear and an invitaion to come shoot with me

Not my most flattering photo… concentrate on the patch!

What do you do when you have competing priorities of being able to display the WTBGU! Patch and still wear jackets that don’t scream “tactical” or are CCW/IDPA specific?

Get out the needle and thread and sew on a couple of 2″x2″ Velcro squares!

I added one each on the front and the back of my Marmot Leadville vest and my North Face Apex Bionic jacket.  Hopefully this will make me easier to find at IDPA events like the Triple Crown I will be shooting this weekend in Oxford, NC.

If you aren’t familiar with the Triple Crown it consists of 3 sanctioned matches (2 daylight and 1 night event).  This permits some interesting possibilities…

1) You get to shoot 24 stages in 2 days

2) You get to shoot in low/no light (where most crimes occur)  on the clock

3) Assuming there are at least 13 shooters in your division/class you have 3 opportunities to earn a match bump

4) You earn 3 points towards shooting the nationals next year.

If you are with in driving distance of the Range, consider coming out to the match this weekend.  When you’re there look for me, Tara and possibly Lee.  I’ll be easy to spot, just look for the bright orange patches!



  1. says

    i have red hair, so i’m adding a patch i got from ebay that mimics the soda pop label saying “orange crush” that is going on my idpa vest.

  2. says

    I signed up as a volunteer. Frank will probably have me driving the gator and running to pick up scores. I’m be interested in meeting all of you.

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