A Mid-sized Smith & Wesson M&P9

If that image made you get all excited inside, please don’t hate me… it is just a photoshop of the gun I would desperately like to see built.

Imagine a Glock 19 sized M&P carrying 15rds with a 4″ barrel an a fiber optic front sight (Ok maybe you want night sights).  It would allow the shooter to get a full firing grip without the need for a pinky extension, a slightly longer sight radius than the M&P9c and a service length barrel.

I mentioned this gun to a marketing guy for Smith & Wesson at the SHOT show, but I think the only way to get it built is to prove there is interest in the platform.

If this is a firearm you would be interested in please leave a comment below as petition for Smith & Wesson.  Lets get this built!


  1. Marty Callan says

    I like my Glock 19, but would have loved to have bought an American brand (S&W) if it had been the same size! I would love to buy one as you have PhotoShopped…

  2. mwilt says

    How did the marketing guy answer you? Did he laugh you off, or did he give the impression that he’s heard this from two out of every three people who approached him?

    It seems to me that S&W is really dropping the ball by leaving such an obvious gap in their lineup, especially given the hits Glock’s reputation is taking with their handling of the G19 9mm ejection/extraction/RSA debacle.

    I wonder if there is a technical reason they’re not manufacturing this gun.

  3. Mr. Normal says

    It’s funny how great of an idea that is in .45 (I love mine!) but that they won’t do it with the small-framed gun.

    Maybe they don’t want to be Springfield ;-)

  4. Blake Sobiloff says

    Meh. I’d much rather see a slimmer, single stack version. It’d help with IWB concealment and comfort, plus its presumably smaller grip size would help those with smaller hands control the firearm better.

  5. says

    My personal favorite for CCW is a Colt CCO and have become convinced that it offers that its size offers the best platform both for concealment and shooting. If this comes close to being the same size I’d be interested.

  6. Scottie B says

    I carry a full size 1911 because 1911′a are all I own currently. It’s a great gun but not exactly easy to carry. Right now I am in the market for something smaller and lighter. I am swirling through all kinds of choices and am not super excited about leaning towards a Glock 26. If this gun got made i’d buy at least two. Lets hope.

  7. David says

    I agree that there exists a need for a mid-size M&P9 and would buy one immediately were Smith & Wesson to produce one.

  8. Bob C says

    I have a m&p 9c, full size, pro and the .22 pistol I would definatly by this gun and know others would as well.

  9. Hogie1 says

    Totally agree and have been saying this for the past 2 yrs. I don’t have an in to get in to ShotShow, so please pass this on!

  10. says

    When looking for a concealed carry pistol, I actually settled on the Glock 19 over the M&P because of the size. If they made a 15 rounder, I’d be an M&P owner, right now.

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