A Local Sanctioned Match – 2013 Spartanburg IDPA Showdown


Two weeks ago I hadn’t respected the targets at the SC USPSA Section Championship and left with a feeling of wanting to do more. Better. This week, with the 2013 Spartanburg IDPA Showdown, why don’t I take things a little more seriously.

I’m going to be more concerned about making sure that I’m getting my hits and taking slight moments to aim, draw and reload with no rushing. In dry fire this week, I’m working with concealment garment and if I try too hard or go too fast, I was ending up flubbing a reload or draw. So, I’m not going to say that I’m going to slow down, because I’m not … I’m going to just be more deliberate in my shooting and gun handling which should naturally have a little slower raw times, but hopefully less points down.

Be deliberate. Hit my marks. Indeed.

Robert and the gang at Spartanburg Practical Shooting Association always have great matches and I’m glad that they are continuing to host an annual sanctioned match. For those match directors who can, why not create a small sanctioned match for your locals to get points towards the IDPA Nationals? It doesn’t have to have the flare of the Cup or State and Regional matches. Still, they can be interesting, challenging, and fun to shoot like the one’s that Robert puts together.

As of last night, there’s a sixty-percent chance of rain, so I’ll bring my rain gear. I don’t mind shooting matches in the wetness. As long as it’s not too wet.

Oh. On match pressure. I’m going to create some this week. I’ve installed a set of Warren/Sevigny Black sight set that I used to use (prior to the Dawson’s that I’ve been running). Yes, I’m ditching the fiber optic … for a while. I want to see what happens. More on that later.

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