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When should you fire a warning shot?

Due to the price of ammo, do not expect a warning shot.

Short answer: Never. Recently the Florida state legislature passed a bill making warning shots legal for self-defense (but it is not yet law) in response to what I believe is the media storm that surrounded Marissa Alexander after the Trayvon Martin case. I summarize her case in this post from last July. I am of […]

What is the best caliber?

best calibers

I really like George Hill and have had him on the Podcast talking about .357 Lever Guns, but we couldn’t disagree more when it comes to caliber selection. The caliber debate is always a hot one because everyone has a different use for their guns and demands different performance. This morning George answered a number of […]

Why do you concealed carry?


Everyone that carries concealed (or open carries for that matter) chooses to do so for different reasons and everyone needs to decide for themselves what those reasons are. At the beginning of most concealed carry classes the instructor will ask “Why are you here?” and the responses will likely included… “I don’t want to be […]

What gun would you suggest for a new shooter?

New Shooter Gun Suggestions

Recently I called on the CCW community to complete a survey that asked 13 questions about carry guns, carry frequency, training habits, experience and demographics. This resulted in over 18,000 data points that needed to be cleanses, scrubbed, normalized de-duplicated…  And has resulted in a bit of a lull in posting (which has been compounded […]

Can you reload or draw your back-up faster?

It is hard to believe but WTBGU! has over 600 posts in the archives and there are some real gems. In fact hardly a day goes by when I get asked a question and I don’t have a post of the topic to reference. Unfortunately over time they can get very buried… I want to […]

Do you have the body type for appendix carry?


If there is a “Cool Kid” Method of carry it is probably appendix carry. In What many experts know about appendix carry that you may not? I go into depth about the safety of this method and the advantages, but I gloss over what makes it uncomfortable… This post will fix that and the main reason I […]

Have you started thinking about fall/winter carry?


Now that we are officially in fall many people are beginning to consider using a winter carry option. Traditionally this mean 2 things… 1)      An outside the waistband holster that can be hidden by coat, vest or other outer layer 2)      A larger gun… maybe in a larger caliber I’ll be the 1st to admit […]