MTB Rider catches his own mugging on GoPro


This video is from near Cape Town, South Africa of a mountain biker that caught his own mugging on video… Actually on a GoPro in glorious Hi Def. Actually that is what originally caught my attention. Normally we see these videos in the form of 3rd person grainy security footage, with less than ideal lighting. These […]

Is there any such thing as the perfect gun?


I may think about guns and gear more than anyone I know. I also try to be very pragmatic as I don’t really think of myself as a collector. If a gun or a piece of gear isn’t used for something, I don’t really have any use for it and would just assume sell it. […]

How to “Fix” IDPA

This week I got a tweet from Triangle Tactical asking what I thought about their podcast titled “How we would fix IDPA” and a request for comments. So here it goes… They start off by discussing 2 common grips that some people have that they have no issues with… cover and half-second Vickers count scoring. And […]

When should you fire a warning shot?

Due to the price of ammo, do not expect a warning shot.

Short answer: Never. Recently the Florida state legislature passed a bill making warning shots legal for self-defense (but it is not yet law) in response to what I believe is the media storm that surrounded Marissa Alexander after the Trayvon Martin case. I summarize her case in this post from last July. I am of […]

Ben Stoeger – Training to Win DVD

Ben Stoeger Training to win

Add this to your resource library folks. If you’re aspiring to get from C Class to B Class; B to A, or A to beyond, USPSA Production National Champion Ben Stoeger has a full length DVD for you. Ben Stoeger’s latest release is a DVD or digital download called, “Training to Win with Ben Stoeger” […]

Double Alpha SHOTMAXX Shot Timer Review

Double Alpha SHOTMAXX Shot Timer

I got the Double Alpha DAA SHOTMAXX Shot Timer Watch a couple months ago and finally got to use it this week. I had been using the CED7000 for a few years and it has been trouble free. I’d just hook the lanyard of the CED to my second mag pouch to keep it accessible […]